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Best resources for first city (1x production)

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  • Best resources for first city (1x production)

    I think there was another thread on this topic, but I couldn't find it. These rankings are biased toward the early game, when you're in despotism, but some consideration is given to the later game. Anyway, here's the argument starter:

    City site (goal is 1. food, 2. shields, 3. trade):
    1. Rivered grassland
    2. Rivered plains
    3. Rivered buffalo
    4. Rivered pheasant
    5. Buffalo
    6. Grassland
    7. Plains
    8. Wine
    9. Spice
    10. Furs
    11. Wheat/Oaisis

    1st worker square (goal is 1. food 2. shields 3. trade):
    1. Whales
    2. Rivered wheat/oasis
    3. Rivered shield grassland
    3. Rivered pheasant
    4. Pheasant
    5. Wheat/oasis
    6. Shield grassland

    2nd worker square (goal is 1. shields 2. trade 3. food):
    1. Whales
    2. Silk
    3. Peat
    4. Iron/Oil
    5. Buffalo
    4. Forest/Coal

    After your city grows to size 2, switch both workers to a "second worker" square, if possible.

    I rate special squares relatively low for the city square because it means you won't be able to work any other special squares. I won't put my first worker on a square that produces high food/trade but no shields (e.g. spice, fruit, fish). The AI loves these squares, so you need to rearrange your workers every time the city grows.

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    I have an excel spread sheet at home listing the resources produced by different city squares, depending on its terrain. Checked both under despo and monarchy.

    I'll post it when I have the time (sometime this week end).


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      In mp, give me gold on a river and I'll pop my capital on it so quick your head will spin. You can use your second settler to take advantage of two (if it's a four pattern) other specials. Couple this with the build settler from capital trick, and you get off to a great start. First to monarchy, philo. Big in an MP game.

      If you build on it, you get one food and can take advantage of it imediately. If it's on a river you can usually bet there is a grassland shield river square in reach.

      Note: this is usually in a 2x1x game but will still work in a 1x1x game as long as you get the one food from it. You can use the second settler to irrigate a square while you do the settler from capital trick.

      Never underestimate the power of big trade squares.

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        And how often Rah do you get a gold on a river? Its like having four whales- very nice, but the odds are incredible.

        Anyhow, I like to build on top of a corn terrain [if I can] with some special nearby, preferably pheasant or silk [or whales]. I have been known to build on top of spice [and yes, on rivered spice] but a rivered gold is something I have yet to see.

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          Of course whales are my favorite, but when you play 4 man games on 36x42 maps you'd be surprised how much gold shows up. (since the whole damn world is mountains.)

          It's almost as if all his overconfident, absolutist assertions were spoonfed to him by a trusted website or subreddit. Sheeple
          RIP Tony Bogey & Baron O


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            I like to have as many specials as possible for my capitol. In general I try to get several specials for a city. When there is an isolated special I will build on top of it. Spice is really nice. In the early game buffalo are nice too. If you build a barracks in that city it will rapidly supply veteran phlanxes for your empire.
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              Founding a city on spice has at least one benefit down the road: if you build a supermarket in that city, it gets the farmland bonus, even though it's otherwise impossible to even irrigate a swamp!
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                actually, i don't think i've ever seen a river flowing on a mountain square. I've not really played around in the map editor, so i can't say whether it is possible or not.

                As for founding cities early, i hope for an oasis or wheat nearby so i can get that city to a 2 quickly. They are the only specials i can think of that produce 3 food in despotism. I'm also rather surprised that wheat/oasis rate so low. It takes very little time to put down a road, and your settler can do it enroute to a new city. And a roaded, mined oasis is better than a pheasant any time except when you have near 100% corruption, in which case its equal.
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                  I'm always on the lookout for a five special pattern, but haven't found one yet.

                  Baring that, my favourite site would be grassland for the city centre and 2 whales/2 wine. Oh, and rivers, lots of rivers...

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                    Another great thing about whales for the early game is that they are custom-made for despotism. 2 food, 2 shields, 2 trade; no penalties!


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                      rah (or anybody else):
                      The "build settler from capital trick"? Please explain.
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                        rah (or anybody else):
                        The "build settler from capital trick"? Please explain.

                        A concurrent Thread

                        Trying that thread address 1 more time :P

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                          Dave, whales have 3 trade, so you lose 1 in despotism.


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                            Paul - you're right, of course. Oops.


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                              We have never seen river and mountain either - are you sure, Rah

                              Tom': When you say 5 special start are you talking about dateline anomolies? (in which case our own research suggests it can't happen) or some other phenomenon?
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