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  • One Wonder per Epoch list

    I like the 'only 1 wonder' thread so I decided to start another similar list. If you could only build 1 wonder from EACH of the Epochs (Ancient, Renaissance, Industrial, Modern), which ones would they be?

    Just to start off, here's my list:

    Ancient: Sun Tzu
    Renaissance: Mich's Chapel
    Industrial: Statue of Liberty
    Modern: SETI

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    Leo's?or SOL

    actually I want em all.I really can't make up my mind.I like combos like Leo's and War Academy.Or Lighthouse and Hanging Gardens
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      I'll give this a shot, though I'm not quite sure if I'll get the Epaoch's correct...I get confused between some of them...

      Ancient: Pyramids
      Renaissance: Magellan's Expedition
      Industrial: Adam Smith's Trading Co.Inc.
      Modern: Hoover Dam

      Least Favorite-
      Ancient: King Richard's Crusade
      Renaissance: Shakespear's Theatre
      Industrial: Eiffel Tower
      Modern: Manhattan Project yikes!

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        suntzu for vets
        leos for the upgrades
        adam smith for the freebies
        manhattan project for the ultimate weapon


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          Ancient: Pyramids
          Renaissance: Leonardo's Workshop
          Industrial: Adma Smith's Trading Co.
          Modern: Hoover Dam


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            For the all-out caravan trading game and the dream to reach AC first:

            Ancient: Great Wall (To open routes with hostile neighbors.)
            Renaissance: Magellan's Expedition (Extra sea movement for your ships full of caravans.)
            Industrial: Adam Smith's (More money!)
            Modern: UN (Keep those trade routes open. The AI will hate you by now.)

            For the SSC and AC, with fewer trade routes:

            Ancient: Colossus (More beakers & money!)
            Renaissance: Cope's (More beakers!)
            Industrial: Issac's (More beakers!)
            Modern: SETI (More beakers!)

            For the blood bath that is war:

            Ancient: Sun Tzu (Vet status.)
            Renaissance: Leo's (Lose the vet status, but the upgrade is awesome.)
            Industrial: SOL (Can you say "Fundy"?)
            Modern: UN (Just in case you lose a battle or two and get in a bind.)
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