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  • number of cities

    I am just wondering how many cities you have around 1 AD in an average game

    thanks for your replies


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    In my past 20 games, on average I've had 1 city at 1 AD.
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      Ok let me rephrase my question. What is the average number of cities you have at 1 AD when youre not playing OCC?


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        If I'm playing large map I'll have around 30 cites at 1AD. I use to never stop building cites in a game. But after playing OCC I found that I can win with 40 cites, where I use to have around 150 at the end of a game.


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          I, like a few others, take a diffent approach - no more than 12 cities by 1AD on normal and large maps. Of course, that number goes up considerably when I start to conquer all of the other civs.


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            I Tend to have about 10- 15 cities and certainly have had twelve before around 1AD, after which as Steve Clark said it goes up significantly..... and i swear on my "honor" that it's not my fault

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              Sometimes I just pick off the small civs because they dont add that many cities for me to stare at clicking "granary completed in Inmarquanstein" or something; I lose track of them and don't know what the heck they're babbling about--

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                Usually when playing a regular game, I go perfectionist, so I only have around 15 cities in 1 AD. But sometimes, I might have more. Depending on how many broken Alliances my :::cough::: now dead allies have made.

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                  15-20 non-overlapping for the most part. By 1 AD I should be in Republic and have a happy wonder. If I am still in Monarchy for some reason, I will limit cities to 10.

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                    I usually have about 10 to 15 cities.

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                    If you can not think of a good reason to build something other than a caravan, build a caravan!


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                      well, i'm a super-perfectionist so i usually don't have more than 6/7 cities then...but when i've finally got communism, i build a new city every 3 turns or so until i have got democracy, then everything slows down a bit,and when i have nearly all the techs i go building cities again.(btw:this a reeeelly bad strategy!i've only been able to crush every AI civ twice or so, deity, that is, i HAVE to go for AC!)
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                        As an expansionist in SP: 75 to 100 cities around 1 AD.
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                          I consider my self expansionist too, however, less then 75, even on large maps. I am superstitious about overlapping.


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                            KnT - I am an expansionist, too, and I've never had anywhere close to 75 cities by AD1. Can you share your secret?