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Calling all Gods - HOTW2 related poll!

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  • Calling all Gods - HOTW2 related poll!

    OK, deity, the man behind the strings of the Aussies in HOTW2, wants to know a few things... Whadyareckon?
    Paul Keating - ill, experimenting with nukes
    Saul de Notre - man of peace and space
    Dame de Notre - WAAR descendent, world domination

    The poll is expired.

    "Old age and skill will overcome youth and treachery. "
    *deity of THE DEITIANS*
    icq: 8388924

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    The Rulers

    Paul Keating:
    Obsessed with nuclear potential, suffering from radiation sickness. He may die. If he lives he will probably build the Manhatten Wonder and cause trouble. He may try and launch a Space Ship but only if there is no competetion. He wants Saul dead. His true love is Dame de Notre, the partner of Saul de Notre....
    Has a love/hate thing with the EU but will probably destroy them.
    HATES the Mali.
    Loved the Mongols but NOT the UAS.
    Great friends with Chinese and acts as though he has a secret alliance with them Feels he saved China from the Mali with clever diplomacy and power play on the international stage.

    Saul de Notre:
    Long time rival of Paul's. Comes from the Manning line, which is surprising considering the gay nature of Manning and his ties with Israel. From this background he met the Dame, the future teller from Persia, and fell in love. Unfortunately so did Paul.
    Saul is a man of peace and will build a space ship, most likely.
    Paranoid of Zulu aggression; and also hates the Mali.
    Wary of Paul's closeness with Chinese. Saul sees them as a Space rival.
    Fond of Mongols and Israelis but detests the volatility of their politics and hot-headed nature.

    Dame de Notre:
    Loves both men but will allow Paul to die from Radiation sickness and aid in the assasination of Saul, as requested by Paul.
    Believes in world domination. Will ally with the WAAR and form a fascist regime together to wipe out all nations. She believes her skills in WAAR diplomacy and feminine wiles will precipitate this holy union - SHE SEES IT, it is written.
    "Old age and skill will overcome youth and treachery. "
    *deity of THE DEITIANS*
    icq: 8388924


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      "as it is written , so must it be ......"

      ancient WAAR proverb
      GM of MAFIA #40 ,#41, #43, #45,#47,#49-#51,#53-#58,#61,#68,#70, #71


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        Where's the box for None Of the Above?

        Gee -- 2 HATE the Mali and the other wants to collude with WAAR and wipe everyone out. Don't reckon I'd vote for any of them, then! LOL
        maybe I'll just keep building tanks and mech infantry after all.....


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          Poor Mali

          This is not an in-game election but a poll amongst civ players.
          I may take no notice of it but I'm just curious...
          I may even form an alliance with the Mali LOL

          So, if you were in my position as a player and recognising we are now approaching the 'end game', what would you do Belinda?
          "Old age and skill will overcome youth and treachery. "
          *deity of THE DEITIANS*
          icq: 8388924


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            Keep this kind of stuff to your game thread.
            I've tried to be nice... and even have allowed you multiple threads, but you just won't stop creating new threads.
            Keep on Civin'
            RIP rah, Tony Bogey & Baron O