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  • Another Try @ Test of Test Multi Player

    I talked to & read enuf from owners of T of T that say they want to get some use / have some fun with playing others.

    I would definately like to get some MP in with the Latest & Greatest (yep, that's right, greatest) version of this series.

    I frankly am getting rather tired of playing with a version that has so many (now) obvious shortcomings & easy cheats. A version that a hardcore handful of players have figured out every conceivable way to push the rules way beyond reality or reasonableness.

    So if U R 1 of 10's of 000's that invested in the final version of Civ & are looking for a little more balanced, realistic adventures into a not totally disected world of fun Civ'ing... post here.

    Indicate your times & days of availablity + preferred setings.

    Pls be sure U have the last patch & if U can't see the map & units so well... turn up the brightness & contrast on your monitor when we play.

    As for me, i'll play just about any setting, anytime, with anyone... just to get a little MP action with a new, improved set of rules.
    PS: any know if can turn on a simul mode in T of T?
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    I would certainly be interested. I'm new to MP games but not to CIV. I'm available mostly on weekends and time is very flexible. I had ICQ but the version I downloaded was more trouble than it was worth. e-mail is in profile and I check the forums fairly frequently. As I have not played MP before, there may be a baffling array of stupid newbie questions at first (fair warning ). Hopefully there will be a good response to this.

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    Here's a link.


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      Been thinkin the same thing on TOT being the latest version and worth playing. I would be interested on wed eves after this euro-diplo game gets finished which will be awhile.
      I am surprized more don't, and was discouraged from it myself by the lack of players.
      The journey itself is the thing~Odysseus


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        I have the game, and though I have played quite a bit of pbem with SMAX, never once have I played any multiplayer games with ToT. Would be interested.

        Should go reload ToT now, then, should'nt I?


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          Bloom... good to "see" again (just wrote response to diplo post)!
          U GOTTA have ICQ to have a realistic chance to find & coordinate MP players.
          Glad to see some interest. Was hoping i didn't have to turn this into a "barely-used, still-in-the-box" ad for my copy.

          If someone reads this & knows where we can all download the last update/fix that would help.
          I too wiped it off my computers.

          As for WHEN: still up for grabs. I'll be checking on & off thruout this weekend. So ICQ me. 2 or 3 would be enuf, just to learn how / what it takes to start & run a T of T MP. Be exciting!

          "Hm-m-m, doubt me you will?"


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            Milo i can do TOT too... no idea where to get the latest patches though... my guess would be the Firaxis website.... they made it didn't they
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              Well, da-a-a-h-h... the link to the patch was right here under our Apolyton home noses.
              As in...

              "Hm-m-m, doubt me you will?"


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                Monday 18:00 PST (GMT-8)
                At leaast War4ever & i will be up & ready to start a game.
                Hope some others can & will join us.
                Just looking to get somthing started & see if it all works as advertised. Nothing too serious (unless of course end up w/ a good group & a good game).
                "Hm-m-m, doubt me you will?"


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                  Well milo..... you left all in a huff....not my fault you lost 3 boats to my "super" trireme..... anyways.....i didn't bother to save it... but next time pls don't leave so quick I was just starting to WLTCD your ass

                  so are we going to play another TOT or are you done with it now...... let me know i will be here tomorrow probably at some point ...

                  Sire i see a ship..... shall we board them? Yes! prepare the battering ram..... lets crush them! But sire , we tried that twice already?

                  Sire i see pirates off the bow! Lie still everyone we still haven't fully healed yet. Here they come brace for impact! Wow! only a minor dent.... if any of them make it to the surface hit em with your oars

                  All in good fun and only because you left suddenly
                  you hurt my feelings

                  Boston Red Sox are 2004 World Series Champions!


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                    War4: i'm not into hanging around & being pounded by bad outcomes. 7 out of 9 even or near-even odds battles that i lost = puke!
                    I'v better things to do with my time... like clip my nose hairs or somthing else productive.
                    I'm from the, "A good loser, is a loser." school of thot.
                    Besides, not playing simul mode, it was being to take rather long to do each turn... for both of us.
                    After doing a # of games since starting this thread, have come to some conclusions (along with most of the other players involved)...

                    NOTE to ALL Test of Timers:
                    If we can't find a way to play the newest version with fixes & rationalization of some of out-of-balance prob's... the Extended Game. There is little or no point in playing T of T MP.
                    It's simply too slow. The Original game, is just that; the same old rules (w/ patches applied) as CivII MPG. So why bother?

                    With all the brainpower involved here...
                    If anyone out there can figure out how to play the newest version of Civ, the Extended Game, via MP. PLEASE SHARE it here!?

                    Hope we can get some more use out of this thing!?
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                      Milo..... was just giving you a ribbing all in good fun.... i hope i didn't offend you at all
                      Boston Red Sox are 2004 World Series Champions!


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                        after some prodding...

                        I'll give this a shot I'll get my arse whooped to kingdom come, but i'll be a good sport about it

                        So when's the next play date?


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                          Are there any plans for another game ?