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My 3rd successfull OCC

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    My late congratulations too - reminiscent of my own first OCC some time ago.

    I've just come back from Bavaria and the Rhineland-Palatinate where the "Weinstrasse" was a highlight.

    I note you're from Essen but is there a Trinken?


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      Originally posted by tonic

      I note you're from Essen but is there a Trinken?
      googol... this is a number!
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        Spaceship is on auto. As long as the engineers are sober when they make the guidance system we're safe.
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          Good job, keep it up.


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            Re: @el civ

            Originally posted by ramses II.
            ... but did you ever drink the real "budweiser" from the czech republic?
            It's the Empress of beers!
            For me, the best czech beer is the "Urquell" !
            BTW good OCC : do you try each of comparison game from Paul's site ?
            It's a challenge I did. All of them are playable, but I failed with the OCC with limitation of the number of citizens (8 or 4 cit challenge) and I don't reach AC with the polar start : I can resist, but not be the first in science when one AI civ has conquested the others.
            Paris, FRANCE