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Shakespeare´s Theater monologue

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  • Shakespeare´s Theater monologue


    Unfortunately, because of my lack of practice in
    English, I can´t understand all the monologue
    of the Shakespeare´s Theater Wonder.

    Would it be possible to one of you to write down
    that text for me or at least to point me to a link
    where I may find it? I think that´s a very nice
    text and I also want to memoryze it.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I don't have a reference text here (in the office), but IIRC it is from the Prologue of 'Romeo & Juliet' - I could, of course, be completely wrong!

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      Oh,for a muse of fire
      To ascend the brightest heaven of invention
      A kingdom for a stage
      Princes to act and monarchs to behold the swelling scene
      Think,when we talk of horses that you see them
      Printing their prowd hooves in the receding earth
      For it is your thoughts that now must deck our kings
      Carry them from here to there, jumping all time,turning the accomplishments of many years into an hourglass
      For the which supply,admit thee chorus to this history,whose prologue,like your humble patience pray
      gently to hear
      kindly to judge
      our play.

      something like that
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        Thanks to Scouse Gits and Henrik!!

        Thank you very very much, Smash!!



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          No it is part of the prolouge for Henry V
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