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  • MPG - CIV2 Foreign relations

    I am a veteran of Civilization I (one) from years long ago but I only recently got my hands on CIV 2 MPE.
    Actually, it was the only version I could find and I bought it for almost nothing at a local store.

    Emm, maybe I'm missing something but why do diplomatic relations work properly only when I build the Eiffel Tower???

    Every Civ reacts like I have just called their mothers prostitutes even when I am oh so very generous with them.

    Did Microprose INTENDED to be like this? Because all this constant hostility is boring.

    I got the 1.3 patch.
    Is the «regular» CIV 2 like that?
    If it is, Diplomacy in CIV 1 was BETTER.

    Don't get me wrong I have nothing against turning the whole planet into a huge slaughter house untill I am the only one standing. But the AI should at least TRY to survive sometimes?

    Does anybody have the regular CIV 2 or is it extingued?
    (not likely)


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    You poor thing. But now it's too late ... you're doomed to be stuck with an intentionally-aggressive and hostile copy of Civ II MPG.

    Depending on who you talk to, either the diplomacy issue you address was intentional by the programmers (in an effort to make the AI "tougher") or is a bug in the source code somewhere. Fortunately, it is present *only* in Civ II MPG (and it's cross-platform, too ... I have a Macintosh, and the AI is just as aggressive). If you can get your hands on a copy of just plain old Civ II, you will be fine. A lot of folks around here only use MPG for Internet gaming (at least in my experience).

    Good luck finding a standard Civ II copy.

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      Thank you CyberAmazon.

      You enlightened me with your comments. Now I KNOW there is a definite problem and more importantly I know how to get around it: get my hands on the «regular» CIV 2.


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        mail me.

        I'll send the FW version zipped in two files. Might take a while.
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