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Turns of The Hare, second thread

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    mark13 (et al):

    As I indicated in the e-mail, I'll concede.

    With the destruction of my science base and the resulting loss of the SC and ToE I can never catch up research wise, and you outnumber me 2 bases to 1 (at least). If you chose to you could continue your nervegas assault on my bases, to reduce me to nothing, or just ignore me and continue to transcendance.

    Either way, you have won, so I'll acknowledge that now and move on.



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      Does this mean I've actually won? Did I get that right - this is my first PBEM victory? Woohoo!

      No, seriously - massive thanks to both for a great game. It was very evenly balanced a long way through it - the game was for the taking.

      2241 was the major turning point. My attack on XWaste really broke the mould - both diplomatically and militaristically. The game was very quickly running away from me at that point, with Googlie well ahead in research, and I had to do something about it.

      As it turned out, Googlie didn't replace the military he gave to help XWaste, and I saw this as my chance. I took the decision to nuke the CBA, simply because otherwise, the Gaian bases were completely impenetrable. I felt this would give me the upper hand, given my superior military, and was able to nuke another big base nearby, thanks to a conveniently placed crawler and because of XWaste's lack of Space Complexes, his bases were relatively easy to occupy.

      Anyway, that was how I saw the game - it remains one of the most riveting I have ever played - gotta love playing the bad guy

      Huge thanks to XWaste for setting this up, anyway, and to Googlie for being so trusting - I thoroughly enjoyed this game.
      We're back!


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        Harrumph. I'm glad somebody did.

        My back still hurts from the stab wounds.