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Replacement Player wanted - "impossible odds"

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  • Replacement Player wanted - "impossible odds"

    OktoberFist II is seeking a replacement player for the Drones. It is 2101 and Styx has bowed out citing the odds as impossible (accelerated start, and he reckons that the Drones are destined to be last in evereything)

    Here are the players and the game settings:


    Misotu: Peacekeepers
    big_canuk: Hive
    Xwaste: Gaians
    Jschwab: University
    RedFred: Morgan
    Drones - Vacant
    Googlie: Consciousness

    Settings :

    Transcend level
    Huge Random Map
    Average everything
    All winning conditions on
    Directed research
    Accelerated Start

    Here is the thread of the (one) turns to date. It's 2131 with the accelerated start:

    Any takers?

    Post here and give your e-mail addy and RedFred will send the turn to you. First come first taken.


    [This message has been edited by Googlie (edited December 20, 2000).]

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    Oh well, give it to me. I am not in that many PBEMs these days. Email (at the moment).

    Though I see on the thread thatyou have asked Adam_Smith to take the position. If he wants it, I will happily give it to him instead.


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      Tau Ceti - welcome aboard (I told AS it was 1st come-1st taken, and you are first.

      RedFred - can you email your completed turn (styx's name will appear on it) to TC?

      (I guess we can't ask TC to hold our passwords ...... hmmm, I wonder if Styx would?)

      And this is positively my last post before hitting the road

      Talk to y'all from sunny Palm Springs in a day or so



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        Umm. A bit of a problem there. See my post on the OKF2 thread.