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Looking to play a TCP/IP game today,...

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  • Looking to play a TCP/IP game today,...

    I've got cable modem, and should be able to do a stable game, am looking for ppl who are willing to play for a LONG TIME starting at 10:30am central time (that's -06 GMT)... I know its short notice, but I'm bored, and I've got all day, and would like to get an early start on this...

    Only thing I've got to say in advance is that I refuse to play SIM turns, because I think the game doesn't handle that well, but hey, it'll be faster than PBEM games, right?

    My AIM screen name is "Genaciv"
    My ICQ # is 47726221
    My e-mail addy is

    Contact me ASAP, so that we can get this game started.. I'll take anywhere between a 2 player game and a 7 player game, but expect a 3 or 4 player game...