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    The Commissioner sat back and gazed out over the small secluded bay to the north. He reviewed the reports just in.

    It had worked out well, considering. When he okayed the request from the Colony pod crew to open the seed pod, he had been apprehensive, especially when the somewhat garbled report indicated that it was not a Unity seed pod after all, but something wierdly alien.

    A Monolith?

    Built on Planet by some long-departed civilization? Or was Planet inhabited?

    Adjacent to the monolith, on the southern shore of what he took to be a large island or continent on which they had settled, was the ideal spot for a second base, so he relayed the order "Settle there."

    Hre studied the other report, from the exploring scout unit to the northeast of the colony pod, and made his decision. "Open the seed pod." After all, when they opened the one they had landed beside, it had yielded a pre-seeded nutrient area, which would spur the development of UN Headquarters.

    The Commissioner sat back contented. Maybe the new beginning was off to a good start.

    (Turn sent to Brother Paul)