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Turns of ACT028 game in Apolyton PBEM Tournament

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  • Turns of ACT028 game in Apolyton PBEM Tournament

    The players of this game:Difficulty level: Thinker.

    Please, read and obey the rules posted on the thread Apolyton 2000 PBEM Tournament

    You should post turn administration/notification messages below.

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    M.Y. 2102 sent to CEO Hunkpapa.

    Good luck everyone (better luck for me ).


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      M.Y. 2102 re-sent to CEO Hunkpapa.


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        Guys, i will be on a business trip, Friday lunchtime (GMT) to Sunday evening, so if you can get a turn to me by Friday morning that would be good. If not I will not be able to do my first turn til Sunday evening, but I will do it then, so Tau please dont disband me first few colony pods

        Mind you to judge by the turnover in the other game i'm in (ACT029), the speed of turns being sent isn't exactly blinding
        [This message has been edited by CBH (edited May 24, 2000).]


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          Apparently Hunkpapa's hard drive has broken down and he is out of business for at least a week, so I guess this game is off too. I will have new games for the other players soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. CBH in particular has been unlucky, getting both of his games cancelled; well, I hope three is a lucky number...


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            gah oh well, not to worry. I'll be back Sunday night folks.