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  • Technical Help needed

    I was wondering if someone could help me solve a small problem. I like to play SMAC with my brother, and we did very well while we were in the same house over the summer.

    Now I've gone back to school and I have a small problem. We're both behind a proxy, so neither of us has an IP address that's good on the public internet. "No problem!" I thought. I set my internal IP address as the DMZ zone on the router, and gave him the router's public internet IP address.

    He tries to join the game I'm hosting...success! He finds the game! He joins! He's in! ...isn't he? He sees himself having joined the game. I can't see him in my game. SMAC hangs for a few seconds at this point, and then just crashes and I have to close it. I also had him set up his computer as the DMZ for HIS router. Still no dice.

    Can anyone help me figure out how to set up a game with him? Would be mui helpful. Thanks!

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    this seems like a typical firewall problem
    open ports 2300-2400 (probably on both comps) and it should work



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      how do you open ports?

      how do i play a multiplayer game if my damn ip never works