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  • Aliens Rule!!!

    Ok for all of you people who say that the alien factions suck listen to this: The difficulty level is Transcend, the year is is 2267 and I am the Usurpers, between me and the Caretakers we have anhilated all of the other factions on Planet and are currently deadlocked in a war...I alone anhilated the Believers and the University!
    Think about that the next time you badmouth the aliens!
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    Easy killer, your misunderstanding the arguement. Most people dislike playing as the Aliens because they are too good and, likewise, don't like them in Mulitplayer because whoever begins next to them is at a sever disadvantage. Think about THAT next time you goodmouth the Aliens!


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      In the hands of humans, alien factions would truly be a force to be reckon with. The boring part is this; your game is over, you are the winner. Any remotely experienced player is able to win if they took over your game. Why I am so certain? If you don't screw it up (here is where the part about experienced kicks in), you probably will get the victory either by conquest, AtT or "ET phone home", simply because the AI is stupid!

      But if you wanto make it REALLY interesting then you should do this:

      First, SAVE the game. Then hit ctrl + k to get on the scen edt. then shift + F3 to switch side. play both side! 10-15 turns per side until you reach a certain tech level (E12, B12, D12) and then choose one side and play the game of the centuary!
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