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Different types of units can share same hex

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  • Different types of units can share same hex

    About some kind of compromise to bring back multiple units on one hex. What about you can put a ranged unit and a normal unit on one hex? and lets say siege units count as another type of unit? this way we can build and use masive army's and still have the strategical advantage of the hex tiles. I think this makes the game way more intresting, now bring back corporations and religion back in to the game and we have a winner

    So, if there are 6 types of units, ranged, scout, AA, soldiers, sige and Air.
    you can have (in theory) 6 units on each hex. If you can bring them togheter if possible, let say Ranged and soldier (don't know the right name of this type of unit, but i think you get the picture) you can move them together in one order...
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