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Civ 5 Processor performance analyzis at Gamespot

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  • Civ 5 Processor performance analyzis at Gamespot

    I found this article on Gamespot, having some performance data of different processors. I suspect the data is simply time that takes to process one turn for some large map. What I did is took inverse of that time and multiplied on some coefficient that I have chosen in such way that the product of inverse time on that coefficient is exactly 2.66 for Core II duo 2.66MHz (that's my processor). The inverse times for the other processors were multiplied by the same coefficient. Here is what I have got:

    What it says to me, that the performance DOES NOT depend on the number of cores (especially noticeable for Core II duo and Core II Quad). You do not see twice faster performance when you have twice more cores. More over, the higher speed of i7 processors (hihger than 45 degree line) is mostly due to the turbo boost that they have, when they shut down cores and increase frequency.

    That confirms the fact that it does not matter how many cores your processor has. Firaxis recommendation of 4 cores is complete bullox (as per recommended spec). All you need to play Civ V is the fastest MHz.
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