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  • Colonization Facebook Group?

    Hey guys,

    I've tried hunting a few times over the years for a Sid Meier's Colonization Facebook group as it seems wrong that such a great classic of a game doesn't have a proper presence on social media. Doesn't help that the word 'Colonization' brings up a gazillion other unrelated historical groups in the fb search box lol! I managed to find a couple of Civilization groups HERE and HERE but nothing for Colonization.

    So in the end I decided to make my own as over the years I've created groups for other ageing classics like Starflight, Master of Magic, and Freelancer which have been going quite well and have grown into nice little communities. You can find the new Col group here:
    Welcome to the Sid Meier's Colonization Game Fans Community. A place to discuss all things related to the classic 1994 MicroProse game and its 2008 remake/sequel Civ4Col! This is a family-friendly...

    If there are indeed some existing Colonization FB groups please let me know where they are so I can join. If there's some really big good ones out there that I've failed to find then I'll get rid of mine as they'll be no need for it!

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    Well no one's come forward with other groups so I guess my fb group is the only one lol!

    Oh well just as it annoyed me that Colonization had no presence on Facebook, I also decided it sucked that Colonization had no presence on Reddit either, so now I've made a group there too if anyone is interested lol!


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      To complete the trifecta of missing Colonization social media groups I have now just created a Sid Meier's Colonization Discord channel to go with the Reddit group and the Facebook group. There are dedicated sub chats for Col, Civ4Col, FreeCol & more! All are welcome!

      Check out the Sid Meier's Colonization Games community on Discord – hang out with 272 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.