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Science Advancement Table for Civilization


  • Science Advancement Table for Civilization 1

    Sid Meier's Civilization's civilization

    Science Advancement Table for Civilization


    flight & electricity advanced flight

    alphabet * code of laws & mapmaking & mathematics & writing
    mysticism & mathematics astronomy * theory of gravity & navigation
    theory of gravity & physics atomic theory
    nuclear fission
    combustion & steel automobile + mass production
    trade & the republic banking * industrialization & the corporation & the republic
    construction & iron working bridge building * railroad

    bronze working * currency & iron working

    ceremonial burial * monarchy & mysticism
    university & medicine chemistry + explosives & refining
    horseback riding & feudalism chivalry

    alphabet code of laws * literacy & monarchy & the republic & trade
    refining & explosives combustion + automobile & flight
    philosophy & industrialization communism
    labor union
    mathematics & electronics computers
    robotics & space flight
    the republic & explosives conscription
    the republic
    masonry & currencyconstruction *engineering & bridge building
    bronze working currency * construction & trade
    philosophy & literacy democracy
    metallurgy & magnetism electricity
    advanced flight & electronics
    engineering & electricity electronics
    computers & nuclear power & rocketry
    the wheel & construction engineering * electronics & invention
    gunpowder & chemistry explosives + combustion & conscription
    masonry & monarchy feudalism
    combustion & physics flight
    advanced flight
    nuclear power & superconductor fusion power

    medicine & the corporation genetic engineering

    invention & iron working gunpowder + explosives & metallurgy
    horseback riding chivalry

    railroad & banking industrialization + communism & steel & the corporation
    engineering & literacy invention * gunpowder & steam engine
    bronze working ironworking * bridge building & gunpowder
    mass production & communism labor union

    writing & code of laws literacy * invention & democracy & philosophy & the republic
    navigation & physics magnetism
    alphabet map making * navigation

    masonry * mathematics & construction & feudalism
    automobile & the corporation mass production
    labor union & nuclear fission & recycling & superconductor
    alphabet & masonry mathematics * astronomy & computers & physics & university
    philosophy & trade medicine + chemistry & genetic engineering
    gunpowder & university metallurgy + electricity & steel
    ceremonial burial & code of laws monarchy
    ceremonial burial mysticism * astronomy & philosophy
    mapmaking & astronomy navigation * magnetism & physics
    atomic theory & mass production nuclear fission
    nuclear power
    electronics & nuclear fission nuclear power
    fusion power
    mysticism & literacy philosophy + communism & democracy & medicine & religion & university
    mathematics & navigation physics * atomic theory & flight & magnetism & steam engine
    refining & spaceflight plastics
    robotics & superconductor


    steam engine & bridge building railroad * industrialization
    mass production & democracy recycling

    chemistry & the corporation refining + combustion & plastics
    philosophy & writing religion
    plastics & computers robotics
    advanced flight & electronics rocketry
    space flight
    computers & rocketry space flight
    physics & invention steam engine * railroad
    metallurgy & industrialization steel + automobile
    plastics & massproduction superconductor
    fusion power
    banking & industrialization the corporation + genetic engineering & mass production & refining
    code of laws & literacy the republic + banking & conscription

    the wheel * engineering
    astronomy & university theory of gravity
    atomic theory
    currency & code of laws trade + banking & medicine
    mathematics & philosophy university + chemistry & metallurgy & theory of gravity
    alphabet writing * literacy & religion

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