Come! join us for a game of "The Third World War" the scenario includes the following:

-Custom Civilizations
-Custom units
-reworked and rebalanced units
-8 player's per session

and a little explanation behind each:

-Custom Civilizations, this does not mean I change leaderheads(as much as I would like to) because I do not know how to change leaderheads... but what I do is rename the civ and all that, I also allow you to choose your three bonus's.

-Custom units, means I personally go through and add your favorite units(as long as they make sense) also, this is a way of keeping everyone's armies unique, we'll talk more of this over skype.

-reworked and rebalanced units, I personally rework the units within the game, so your tank will become a juggernaut, and your infantry generally get cheaper on production, also nothing but your fleet/super units cost gold(for support).

-8 player's per session, means we stack player's up for further session's, if your interested in becoming apart of "The Third World War" please contact me over Skype.