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    hm Civilization 5: Building Your City

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    Regardless of what the game recommends, build a Worker first. While Scouts are a great way to establish early-game contact with other Civilizations, it will be some time before your neighbors have anything worth offering you. Your capital is pretty good at defending itself, so use your complimentary Warrior as a proxy Scout across unobtrusive Terrain. While your City is creating the Worker, send your Warrior in search of Ruins. Also be on the look out for City-States, as first contact with each yields a gift of Gold.

    Opinions differ of course, but I would much rather advice going for a warrior first, to get your defence going. But the worker needs to come early, that's true.

    If you have the Population support, burn your Great People to build their respective Improvements in the early and mid-game. The value of a Great Person Improvement increases for every turn it is in play. A Landmark built and worked on turn 100 will generate 1200 Culture by the end of the game, while one built and worked on turn 150 will only generate 1000.

    This is both true and untrue. The numbers of course, are way off. A late game monument can easily give +40 culture effectively. But early ofc is good. Just don't do it too early. Population is much more important in the beginning.

    Build a Settler in your Capital immediately after your first Worker. Get your second City off the ground ASAP.

    No. A viable strategy is to go for the science boosting National College before going for a city #2. That means you will have a slight disadvantage in groth though. But worker --> settler is NOT a good idea however you put it. You need some basic defence for your settler and worker too. Do not under ANY circumstance send a settler unguarded!

    Develop a Monument, a Granary and a Barracks as your first Buildings. Build another Unit after you finish your Barracks. Depending on your game plan, you might want to build a Wonder in your Capital around this time.

    If you don't go for a military win, I'd say the barracks can wait a little longer.

    Keep an eye on your Gold production early on. Trading Posts and a short road to your second City will help.

    Lots of farms and almost no trading posts can easily give you 100+ gold in the middle game with a smaller, tall civ. Farms = population is more important. Don't overdo the trading posts! You don't want to hurt your growth.

    Most Victory Conditions call for unfettered colonialism

    Not entirely true. A tall civ can do very well in all areas other than military conquest. And even then you don't necessarily need that many cities. Take them instead!

    You can annex a Puppet at any time, making it a full-fledged part o your empire, although this process can not be reversed.

    In most cases, I don't see the need to annex the conquered cities at all, although there are exceptions.

    . If you build Farms and assign every available Citizen to work them, and if your empire is happy while you do so, then your City will grow. Your Production will suck for a while and your Research will go down the pipe, but eventually your City will grow and things will get better.

    Your production won't suck just because you build some farms. Farms are good. They give pop. Pop = more science, gold, production, culture. More science, gold, production, culture = good.
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