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Thread: Easy configuration?

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    Easy configuration?

    I've just did a quick look in the game folder to see if I could find some config files for quick edit of a few things, but so far no luck in finding what I was searching for

    Has anybody found a way to do the following:
    When I click the links the game creates for playing DX10 mode I'm always asked what DX mode I want to play. How do I automaticaly set it to play in DX10 mode
    Whenever the game starts a video is played. No matter what I click, the video doesn't seem skipable before about 30 sec into the video. Skipping of videos completely would be great
    I often change between two computers, so I'll always use the Steam Cloud. But the game always selects local save as default. How do I select Steam Cloud saving as default?
    This space is empty... or is it?

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