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    ACDG5: Official Narrative

    This is the official narrative thread for Alpha Centauri Democracy Game 5 ("ACDG5"). This thread is for Mart and me to revive the narrative function of CMN.

    Please post comments and your own stories in the story comment thread.


    MY 2100 - A group of officers loyal to the chain of command capture Lal, taking over his faction. The Unity Command's mission is to restore unity and cooperation among the rebellious factions or, if necessary, to subdue and conquer them.

    MY 2101 - Unity Command lands on Chiron near The Ruins, the Freshwater Sea and Nessus Canyon; and establishes three bases. The northern base is named Big Rock Candy Mountains.

    MY 2102 - Research begins on Centauri Ecology. Construction begins on the intercolonial network. HQ and Big Rock Candy Mountain produces the first scouts. Scouts find only a freshwater sea NE of Big Rock Candy Mountains.

    MY 2103 - Centauri Ecology discovered. Research begins on Doctrine: Mobility. A Unity survey pod recovered in the South located abundant mineral resources and an underground river. HQ started The Weather Paradigm!

    MY 2104 - Doctrine: Mobility discovered. Research begins on Doctrine: Flexibility. Two more monoliths discovered NW of HQ!

    MY 2105 - Another monolith discovered NW of HQ!

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