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Writing the book I could never find.

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Hi, I'm Matthew and I'm a book-and-dvd-aholic.

My addiction began early with my love of comic books. Later at age 12 or 13 I started reading Animorphs. Later I read Neuromancer by William Gibson, and since then I've been reading plenty.
I've always looked for a book that connected all the events in history, cultures and how it relates to the individual.
But I've never been able to find it.
Thus if such a book is not out there, there's an open market for it.
Thus I have decided to write my own novel connecting everything.
But first I needed a general map of how technologies and events and beliefs inter-related. It was on Apolyton that I came across a post that was called "my complete technology tree" by DanQ.
There was a conversation held over what techs came before what, and what other ones were invovled in the new technologies.
Thus I will in the next series of posts share DanQ's extraordinary tech timeline, based on his ten-epoch approach.
In further posts I will explore how these relate to developmental theories and history models written nearly a century ago.
I hope you enjoy this and keep reading my posts.
Cheers, Matt

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  1. Braindead's Avatar
    I have a couple of suggestions for authors you might find interesting.

    Lord Acton: his wriotings include "Essays on Freedom and Power"

    Condorcet: he wrote a book called something like "Human Progress". I forget the exact title.

    You could say they wrote with 'the grand sweep of history" in mind whilst touching on how it effected people and vice versa.
  2. MattBowron's Avatar
    To Braindead,
    Thanks for your contribution, I'll try to have a look over the essays when I have time to do so. And thanks also for alerting me to the fact that a lot of the comments on this are spam. I only just noticed that today. Once again, thanks.
    Yours sincerely,
  3. MattBowron's Avatar
    Thanks also for removing the spam Robert, I really appreciate it.

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