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    Mad CTP Keeps Crashing when I play it-Help! lol

    Hey all,

    I recently whipped out my copy of CTP to play again. Had issues at first, but after changing the compatibility setting it ran first. I am able to set up a couple cities, but then the game freezes on me and I have to shut it down.

    Anyone else having this issue? I added the Forever Future Mod hoping it would fix things but nothing changed.

    Any help is appreciated

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    I have had this problem, but there was no magic solution...just a reinstall to fix it. I do NOT run CTP in compatibility mode, and it runs flawlessly on my Win 7 x64 machine.

    I know some people had issues with video drivers, so you might want to check those out.

    And be sure to install the least the 1.2 version. I think everyone on this website also runs the 1.21 version, although that update is not "official".

    Good luck


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