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Critically wounded squad members

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  • Critically wounded squad members

    Is there any way to get these guys back onto your spaceship so you can evacuate them, if the whole mission's going to ****? I mean, generally when I want to abort a mission it's because I want to evacuate my wounded and GTFO before everyone ****ing dies, but I don't like having to leave people behind after stabilizing them.

    If there isn't, someone should seriously make a "carry wounded teammate" mod so that it is possible.

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    Bullet between the eyes. Better than what the aliens will do to them.
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      You just have to give your supports the revive ability. Same idea.
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        There comes a point where they're useless if they are gravely wounded due to the Will penalty.
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          Originally posted by Koyaanisqatsi View Post
          You just have to give your supports the revive ability. Same idea.

          Aye ... all of my soldiers with specialization "support" go down the medic path (3 medpacks and revive) and (if possible) Ill always have 1-2 field medics with me (or, if no support soldiers are available, have 2 of my normal soldiers equipped with a medpack ... always better to have 2 people with medpacks .. medpacks are of no use if the person critically wounded is the only one who had a medpack with him )
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