You at Apolyton <a href="/showthread.php/201188-Should-Poly-create-an-X-COM-forum">asked</a> to cover X-Com: Enemy Unknown. So here it is and welcome to our X-Com forum and section. The forum is primarily oriented around discussion of X-Com: Enemy Unknown, although discussion of older X-Com games is more than welcome.

We at Apolyton decided to host an X-Com forum not only because of the Firaxis connection, but because X-Com has a lot of appeal for players of Civilization and 4X strategy games in general. Players of X-Com prefer to take their time working organizing their squads to best achieve the mission goals, and, like Civ players, have a hard time not playing One More Turn.

In the coming months we will develop original X-Com content here at Apolyton, including reviews, game recaps, and mods. Of course for that we need your help. If you're interested in contributing any of the above, or any other original content, please let me or any of the Apolyton staff know - or just post it here!