Furthering the (re-)discovery of the machinima and live-action blended series Age of Nations (AoN), this week brings about another previously unreleased Extra production. Throughout the series' run, Creator/Producer Daniel "DanQ" Quick archived outtakes of recorded dialogue from himself and other actors for compilation at a later date. Entitled Ex106: "The Outtakes", this is that compilation now available for netcasting with a runtime of 04m59s.

Set in the Rise of Nations universe as the first Real-Time Strategy (RTS) machinima series and first for the game, AoN ran for one season of 14 episodes and ending with a featurette released in July 2007. From the now defunct game developer Big Huge Games co-founded by Civilization II and Alpha Centauri Lead Designer Brian Reynolds, RoN worked to incorporate Turn-Based Strategy (TBS) elements into an RTS environment.