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  • What I want changed.

    1. Ship Design.
    a. I want to click on a ship design and update it. (not the ships themselves shouldn't be updated until a refit.)
    b. I want to delete ship designs.
    c. I'd like the drop down menu not to have a default. (ex. I'll click from the bottom up LR, star ship, then it defaults back to lancer, orbtial me.)
    d. When you click on the weapons tab, it covers up your size used/total in the corner.
    e. Extend the ship names.

    2. I'd love in the Empire section another tab for Miltary priorities.

    3. Site Rep
    a. Let us decide what should be red, green, and yellow.
    b. Separate military and ciliviation buildings.
    c. Let us click to show spy actions. Show what class the spy that just died was so I won't have to guess.

    4. Dip.
    The only issue I have here is with the tech exchange. Show what Class and Level the techs are!

    5. Tech.
    I don't really have any problems here. I do think it is alittle tedious to click on each of the different schools.
    a. Why not just show us the level researched and percentage complete on the first screen?

    6. Finances.
    I'd say leave it alone just explain it.

    7. Empire Section
    a. Make a Military pri. List.

    8. Main Map.
    a. Make the system names show at all zoom levels
    b. That Guardian I just ran into. It shows the system name during battle, when I look on the map it isn't there.
    c. A little Skull and cross bones flag for all the systems that my ships don't make it back from.
    d. Some times my map gets stuck scrolling up. I have to wait for the next turn and it magically gets fixed sometimes. It isn't my mouse though because I can still move the cursor to all the other tabs.