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a REAL minority vote!

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  • a REAL minority vote!

    I was starting a game as the humans, and hoping that the random number generator would be kind and give me a seat in the Senate...

    Well, I got exactly half of the seats! The New Orions and I were the only members of the Orion Senate!

    We're far more useless than any government has ever been! I don't want something, I don't second it. They don't want it, they cast 1000 votes against it!

    My goal? To win the game by a single vote!

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    LOL thats all ...


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      I did that as well... of course, the game where I did that in (also as the Humans), I had only one opponent. I started the game with the Silicoids, who I wiped out... spent the rest of the game just building up the necessary population to out-vote the Antarans

      (that was the first game I won... learned a lot by not having to fight everyone on the board after the Silicoids were wiped out and I could just play around with the game)
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