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  • Corentor
    I don't have all the answers but here is what I can discern.

    Empire tax levels are taken on top of the taxes that are taken at the planetary level. Raising planetary taxes will not affect Imperial taxation in anyway. Imperial tax affects all planets. You can tell how much more you will make or lose per each % by looking at the top of the finance screen which tells you your bank balance and in brackets how much you make or lose for the current turn if you press the turn button.

    If you figure out what system tax is, let us know.

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  • TrainWreck20
    started a topic Tax Mechanics

    Tax Mechanics

    Ok, the planetary taxes are very straight forward. The tax rate times the GDP (or whatever that first number is called) equals the tax income. The excess, if any, appears to stay at the planet. Great, np....

    Now, the system and empire tax rates: I have one planet to start the game, but I cannot identify where these apply to. Changing the rate does not result in an increase or decrease in income (it must require an end turn to take effect?), so it is hard to tell what effect will take place. I am assuming the empire (or imperial...I am not looking at the screen) tac rate applies to all planets? Then what does 'system' apply to? All the planets are in systems, so this seems redundant....and you can't change it for individual systems....Are the imperial taxes charged against the GDP or against the income of the planet government (e.g raising planet taxes would indirectly raise empire income).

    I am so confused