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Extent of AI Cheating? (moo2)

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  • Extent of AI Cheating? (moo2)

    I was just wondering what the AI does on impossible (maybe even hard) to cheat. The only thing I've noticed is that they modify the race stats (such as give the psilons +2 to industry).

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    The AI also starts out with additional resources, planets, and fleet.


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      The doc merely says they have excelerated research and production, no qantifaction.
      The AI races can have up 10 extra picks, IOW as many as 35 + picks and 10 minus ones. I do not see any evidence that they have any extra starting stuff. Fleets are non existing at the start if playing Prewarp and even advanced only gets to use up to your command points. All start with one planet in one system if Prewarp. Advance is all have the same planets, but the number of systems can vary. You may have 4 planets one in each of 4 systems or more than 1 in some systems, hence less than 4 systems.