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  • Imperium of Man

    Having recently come back again to enjoy Moo2, I've thought of modeling the Imperium of Man from the Warhammer 40 universe.

    Custom Race: Human
    Ruler Name: Lords of Terra

    Trans Dimensional
    Large Homeworld

    Dictatorship for the Imperium. Warlord for the presence of Space Marines. Trans Dimensional for the Emperor's Astronomicon and the Navigators. Large Homeworld the Mechanicum on Mars + Terra.

    It steamrolls the galaxy and was surprisingly effective to me - I was used to favoring other custom traits in the distant past, but refamiliarizing myself with MOO and looking it over it is easy to see the synergy between the traits.

    The ships are fast, in combat they are qualitatively superior, dramatically so, with the stacking bonuses of warlord + battle scanner + trans dimensional. Taking battle scanner because we don't need tachyon comm with warlord. We don't have to research space academy or fusion drive to immediately fight out of the gate. The net result is that the Imperium may build an all conquering battlefleet from the beginning. For a Great Crusade, if you will - to unite all the distant stars of the galaxy under the Emperor of Mankind

    I've had great pleasure in purging the xenos, and I trust this will help other 40k fans.