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  • MOO 1 upgrade

    What kind of opinion would many of you have if a newer version of MOO 1 was made (as closely mimiking the original as possible) operate in the present day OS systems out here, like win98, winXP? (and maby even port it to Linux versions)

    Myself, it's been many a year since I played it (actually had to grab a copy off the internet to play it again these days it's been so long)....forgot how much fun it really is too.

    I'd just like to hear some opinions from some as to if a newer one made for MOO1 would stand and be accepted without needing a separate partition, another program to SIM the OS, play it.

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    If you look back in the forum you will find Ray has attempted such a task. Many people would like to see it done.

    This is not an easy under taking though, especially for one person. The good news is that the original will play on most systems and DosBox will handle the rest.

    What I would like to see is just to enhance the sound. If that was done, then the graphics could be tackled.

    Then get it to run on all system and finally fix a few bugs. No inovation required for me.


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      I originally planned on trying to make it as accurate as possible without doing any dis-assembly of the original work, and mimicking the AI I think will be the toughest part really. But yes, maby a little re-doing of the graphics would be in the works too.

      When I get more of it done here, I'll slap up a website where it can get downloaded from (like Yahoo Communities or something since my internet provider has been so kind as to NOT let me make my own at home without paying an arm and a leg for).

      I'll pop in occationally and keep you all updated on my progress. So far I've got most of the graphics extracted for pasting them in, and the main game screen fairly well laid out. I'm also thinking on possibly making the planets more random in placement, but for now, that'll come later.


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        Just a quick update here, got nearly all the original graphics extracted from the LBX files, but am having problems with the MIDI files. If anyone would be willing to help, it would be appreciated since I'm not all that used to dealing with MIDI.


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          Grig de Griz works on a lbx editor for Moo2. For example, this thread:

          He could prolly help you....
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            thanks...any help will be appreciated


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              Well the sound was the worse of all time and I rarely turn it on, so you could slap anything in and not hurt it.


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                Eventually, I could toss some new sounds into it, but the fun part for me is getting everything out of those LBx files at the moment. (my extractor doesn't always get everything)
                I posted a PM to Grig de Gris, and then I guess I'll try it out on MOO1. Tried the lbxplode C file, but I'm no good with C as yet (still learning it):P