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    Vanguard - experience is also a function of the probable results of the combat. I've had my initial Survey Ship to level 10 (everything from 6 and above is just called "godlike"), but that's on a tiny galaxy where there wasn't much junk to harvest and the action got hot and heavy in the early going. On a huge galaxy game, I got USS Hero to attack 37, defense 112, hit points 125, but no higher than level three, even though it took out five dreadnaughts and a ranger in two turns.

    A dreadnaught plinking freighters won't acquire much experience at all, for that reason.

    There is also a time factor, as points to get to the next level decline slowly, so a ship that has long breaks between fights doesn't acquire much experience.

    Experience needs to be tweaked somewhat, but it does help your early ships stay viable - I just finished a game where the first half, I was militarily behind, but could use starbase enhancements and corvettes to hold of battle cruisers and frigates, while I concentrated on building my economy. I had a bunch of corvettes in the level 4-5-6 range, and the extra attack and defend points you get are useful. With a battleship class or higher, it really doesn't matter.
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      Possible bug feature:

      If you're running one of the representative governments when the "switch to Imperium" issue comes up in the UP, and it passes, you still have elections, even though you're in Imperium.
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        Hi. I played a game and i had 4 trade routes. I clicked Menu-> Return to main menu->Start new game. But in the "trade" tab of domestic policy old routes from the previous game remained, but gave no income.
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          Since the expansion pack, the main bug I've noticed is when I double-click on the survey ship or click on "i" for info, in order to select auto-survey, the game drops out to the desktop.
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            Rusty, that was fixed the next day, in version 1.10A.
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              Hey Everyone,

              I received Galactic Civilizations for a Christmas gift and am having a serious problem. The game will not finish loading. It starts to load, the movie for the developer starts and then it freezes. I moved that movie to a different folder to see if that was causing the problem, but it still froze on the second movie (I guess the developer little tidbid). Moved that movie as well and still didn't work, then it froze at what I am guessing is the intro screen.

              I am using the following:
              Windows ME
              Athlon 1.2 Ghz
              512 RAM
              GeForce 3 Ti200, not sure of which driver set, but had to reformat HD in November and downloaded newest drivers then.

              I have uploaded the 1.1 expansion pack and still no help. Anyone have any ideas of what I can do? Troubleshooting info? What else would someone need to know to help diagnose my problem?

              Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.


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                It's not really bad, (quite useful, actually) BUT it is a glitch. Sometimes in times of peace when the AI is gearing up to attack me or someone else, the comp asks ME if I want to go through with the attack. Say for instance they (the yor) are about to inde my Vizzard system with transport. The screen comes up saying
                Invading the Terran's Vizzard system will be declared as an act of war. Are you sure you want to procede, N1? I say no, Vizzard is left alone. This has happened twice, ocne against me, once against the Drengin and always with the Yor. I that wierd of what?


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                  After I blow up the Drengin home star system, the game crashes when any info of them is looked at (or you end the turn and the AI "plays" them).
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                    Never mind. I just did it one turn later and it worked fine.
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                      Have a bug with Arnor: when I try to make a fleet out of a terror star and a medium sized "warp bubble" ship I made, the game CTDs. Was reproducible with the same save game.

                      I think I may have the save, if I grabbed the right .sav :P


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                        Text Bug

                        Hello. Just got GalCiv2 the complete edition with all the expansions. Runs fine, but have a problem with in-game text. It's all jumbled, showing me what I thought originally were alien characters, part of the game, but realized that its a glitch.

                        For example, when an event occurs, and it gives you the three options (Good, nuetral, bad), the text is unreadable, and the characters are not in any recognizable language. Some parts of the game are completely readable, as in setup, but once in game its all sorts of funky.



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                          Do you have any non-english character sets loaded onto your computer? It could be auto-detecting them?

                          Cirillic, arabic, etc. ?

                          If that is not the problem, then the official Galactic Civilization Site forums might provide a good answer.
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