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Galactic Civilizations II 2.0 Released!

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  • Galactic Civilizations II 2.0 Released!

    Stardock has released Galactic Civilizations II v2.0.

    Version 2.0 has been developed as a major free update, primarily for Twilight of the Arnor, to help integrate the expansion packs together with the original into a single consolidated experience.

    New features include but are not limited to:

    * Players can now design new starships from the main game menu
    * All game campaigns have been updated to be playable within Twilight of the Arnor
    * New user manual
    * Numerous new game setup options
    * Updated diplomatic options
    * New planetary governors for automating the building of planets
    * Revamped espionage system
    * Auto-building for starbases
    * Balance updating
    * Improved graphics

    Players can download the update via Impulse (, Stardock’s digital distribution platform that enables users to purchase, download and update hundreds of different PC games and applications.

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