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GalCiv2 Patches and Editions (Question)

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  • GalCiv2 Patches and Editions (Question)

    I bought the original GalCiv2 game two years ago and enjoyed playing it. I was too distracted (mainly by Civ4) to get the expansions. While checking for Colonization on, I saw two GalCiv editions to be released soon by a company called "Kalypso Media":

    GalCiv2 Endless Universe
    "is a comprehensive, stand alone expansion pack (no full version required to play) for the best - selling and award winning space strategy game. Endless Universe builds on the epic story, following on from Dark Avatar and Twilight of Arno - Two expansion pack which have never before been released in European retail."

    GalCiv2 Ultimate Edition
    "includes the best-selling and award-winning space strategy game Galactic Civilizations 2 and the two Add-ons Dark Avatar and Twilight of Arno in one box!"

    The second description is straightforward, but the first one is puzzling. "Following on from ..." suggests that it might be a third expansion whereas "never before" indicates that it covers the two exisiting expansions. On the other hand, the fact that both descriptions refer to "Arno" rather the "Arnor" whether the writer knows much about the games anyway.

    If someone could tell me what exactly the difference between these two editions is and how they relate to previous editions, I would very much appreciate it. Also, both entries state Vista as the gaming platform. Does that mean that (unlike basic GalCiv2) these versions will not work under XP?

    Just in case I decide to stick to the basic version, is patch 1.40 still the most recent one or has that version be further updated?

    EDIT: Added Vista question.
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    Both editions should work with Windows XP.

    The Ultimate Edition will have GC2, and the two latest expansion packs.

    Endless Universe is a stand-alone expansion being created by Kalypso.

    If you want to play the series, I would suggest getting the Ultimate Edition.


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      I'm still uncertain as to how "Endless Universe" relates to the previous expansion, but I think I will follow your advice. Thank you for replying.


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        I totally agree with u.