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Just bought this and Wow I thought Civ was complicated

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  • Just bought this and Wow I thought Civ was complicated

    So I just bought the ultimate edition of this game (on sale at Target for 8 bucks until last Saturday) and man am I lost. I thought starting out on the campagins would be the best way to go to learn the game, I am now reassessing that idea. The campains seem to have come with the expansion rather than the main game is this correct? Are the campagins not the best place to start to get a feel for the game?

    I started with the meeting the Altarins campagin and since it seemed like it was based mostly on conquest I built up attackng research rather than anything else, this didn't work out well. Fell behind in population and sense you actually have to use population to invade planets....

    Second time through I did some of the communication techs but I didn't go through the defense and health techs fast enough so I am again behind in population. I have started trading so the economy is working out now and I think I can get through it but it won't be quick that is for sure.

    The manual is really lacking, with what I paid for it not having a tech tree or a printed manual is not a problem but I REALLY need a list of the techs what each of them do (which ones only evil people can get and which ones only good people can get) SOME sort of description about what each of the social abilities do would also be helpful. Hard to decide on which tech to look at without a real understanding of what it brings to you.

    To review:
    1. Are the campagins the best way to learn about the game?

    2. Where are there some good resources about the techs what each one of them does how the morality effects the techs?

    3. Where are there some good resources about the social projects what they actually do.

    4. Is the aptolyon empire still excepting recruits (how much should I know before I join)

    Game could really use a civlopedia...
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    GalCiv complicated?

    Sounds like you never played Master of Orion 3
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      Howdy dacole!

      I really like GalCiv2, but it is rather complicated. But in may cases deep is good, unless the game designers confused 'opaque' and 'confusing' with 'deep' (aka Moo3). Brad W certainly did not make this mistake.

      One place to start is the GalCiv2 forum if you're looking for tutorials and advice on strategy. For good or ill there are many correct strategies depending on the race, picks, and strategy. There are some threads on strategy and guides here, but they are buried pretty deep.

      I'd stay away from the campaigns. They do teach you some of the ideas of the game, but they can be linear and frustrating.

      I've written a number of AARs for GalCiv2, which might be a way to see how the choices work, get a flavor for the races, what techs to pick and short and long term goals to set. These AARs are posted here, but you may have to dig a bit for them.



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        I totally agree with u.


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          Can't say anything more. I agree!