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  • MMORPG games?


    With all these lockdown and restrictions going on, I found myself stuck at home playing or watching whatever's available until today, I am curious about playing the best MMORPG mobile game. What would be for you is the best MMORPG available in the market? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Genshin Impact has just been released. You might wanna check that out. I'm playing it btw.


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      I do playing it for the time-being. Haha!


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        I'm pretty sure the Devs has plans for its end-game contents. I'm still in the middle of the game so I got a lot of time to wait. xD


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          Please keep your discussions constrained to civilization games.


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            Noted that, man. Is there a way to delete this thread instead? Or close this?


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              There is, but that's not needed with the linkspam spiked...

              This is an Other Games forum. I guess I'll move the thread to actual Other Games...
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                My bad, I did not notice that we have the Other Games forum to post this there.


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                  FFXIV is the best atm, the best overall package for HC raiders, semi-HC raiders, and for casuals…for so many reasons, and looks and sounds gorgeous (better than many SPlayer FF games, which quit a few imo disappointed)

                  WoW is 2nd best, due to mostly good for (semi-) HC raiders… (but atm its best HC raids are not on the same lv as Ultimate raids .. and the action/classes are half as complex, where the real gameplay is;.. some FFXIV raids are not as overloaded as in WoW, but the classes are overloaded in FFXIV, making them fun to master…, easy to learn hard to master, gives the game such depth)

                  don't let the haters try to tell you FFXIV’s action is “slow”, cause the endgame (even at lv 60) is not slow, by far not...

                  (but FFXIV’s action and story do “start slow”, .. and till the meaty endgame, there are phases and clusters of fetch quests on the way, if you can survive those, you'll be rewarded with great and fast endgame content)

                  there is a reason, why both WoW and FFXIV have subscription fees, cause they're games are on another level than the rest and are constantly updated (especially FFXIV,… the producer stays in close touch with the players/ fans too)


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                    Is the recent update in FFXIV that great?


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                      I liked Lost Ark for a little bit then kinda got bored. May go back.
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