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  • Cyberpunk 2077

    Anyone else excited about Cyberpunk 2077s release? Being a retro gamer I don't even have a PC good enough to run the thing haha but nevertheless I've been drooling over all the videos CD Projekt Red have been releasing on youtube lately. Eg just look at the amazing views of the huge city in this one!

    Over the last few months they’ve been doing a really good behind the scenes series called ‘Night City Wire’ with heaps of amazing new gameplay footage.

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    Looks like Night City Wire Episode 4 came out a little while back..

    Along with yet ANOTHER delay announcement lol! Doesn't bother me as like I said previously I don't have a computer that can run it anyway haha. Apparently the devs have been getting death threats from impatient wackos out there though which is a bit messed up!

    Maybe all those impatient ones should check out what I just found... Today I noticed a review in a recent PC Gamer magazine of a small indie game called 'Cloudpunk' that has you piloting a flying taxi around a rainy cyberpunk city at night. Looks and sounds awesome as that cockpit has massive Blade Runner vibes, the taxi reminds me of 5th Element and that creepy stormy sky reminds me of Highlander 2 lol!

    Apparently there's not much depth to the gameplay sadly as it's more about immersion. However considering I was more looking forward to driving around Cyberpunk 2077's city at night listening to synth tunes instead of just running around shooting people then I suspect this little game will be right up my alley haha! Apparently you get your own apartment in a sky scraper with a balcony looking over the city that you can decorate and play retro video games in, so hmm yup that's got me written all over it too lol! Although yet again my old computer probably can't even run this one either arrrgh haha!