All the Oddworld games are available on Steam right now. I've sampled each, and they had not been adapted to the modern world
Both Abe games are still 640x480 and when upscaled to fit a wide screen display look really dated. They could have at least pillarboxed the game and used something crafty upscaling algorithm like hq3x.
I've been eager to play Stranger's Wrath, a game previously released only on Xbox, and the one on Steam not a remastered HD version. It's a very clumsy port. Again, there's no widescreen support, it doesn't let you use your mouse for navigating the menus and YOU CANNOT REMAP YOUR KEYS.
I've spent my whole FPS/TPS life with my fingers on ESDF (a superior layout), and switching to WASD is almost impossible now. And you can't get a refund from