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    i'll sit tight for diablo 3.
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      no, in essense, MMO's such as WoW and Conan have adventure like traits.
      Maybe, but the gameplay is much closer to Diablo than games like Myst or The longest Journey. Myst and the longest journey wouldn't work as an MMO.
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        the original post is deleted. There is no conspiracy.
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          Yeah, I've heard of it. I bet it sucks.
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            COC ??
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              Originally posted by nostromo
              I don't know. MMO's seem perfectly well suited for Diablo-esque gameplay. Other types of games wouldn't work as well as MMO's. A massively multiplayer adventure game? That would be retarded, IMO. A massively multiplayer version of Call of Duty could be fun. Imagine: the Allies must take the beaches of Normandy and the Germans must prevent it. But its impossible to do, technically.

              Anyway, the official reason why they're stopping making Adventure games is piracy.
              Isn't that how StarShatterer or Shattered or whatever worked? Made by a Korean dev it was a squad based MMO. You had a bunch of units, picked six to go into battle in the zone you chose and others on yours or the other side joined in. Some interesting strategies, IIRC. Like seeing a group of the enemy massing for an attack and attacking by yourself to delay them. Noticing that a bunch of enemy units were engaged and deciding to do a quick land grab.

              Seems like that kind of the thing could work.

              There was also a sort of MMO if you played SoulCalibur2 at the arcade. I don't think it linked with other machines but it remembered your character and you would fight battles for a side - then when other players came along they might fight against your character (depending on levels) and try to acquire territory for their side.
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                WW2 online is a MMFPS or whatever. Part of it's problem is that it goes a bit too much for simulation. Another part is that it was made by a very small company.

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