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Revs were a non issue RuneScape gold

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  • Revs were a non issue RuneScape gold

    Revs were a non issue RuneScape gold. Gear has improved since then so it is not like EoC is the reason they're easy now since people tend to heritage kill them anyway. As you go farther to give it a risk wilderness would do nicely for a new questing/skilling hub and only make mobs that all Afro and have levels. Revs could either be a joke for level runescape players or impossible for anything but also we and them do not need that zone inhospitable to the majority of all runescape players that solves nothing.

    You are thinking too narrowly. Consider all the various revs you will find, and have them scale up with every tier of rev - imp rev would be something very similar to giant mole or KBD in case you've got 50s stats, and dragon rev would be something like ripper demons, or perhaps rax, if you're maxed. Make them spawn somewhat similarly to wildywyrm (but don't show a icon on earth map); there could be a wide range of how many are recorded and where they are located on each world; might be none on world A but 20 or 30 revs spawned on earth B, so you will never know if you're going to have ambushed by 5 or 4"ripper demon"-such as revs or if there would just be 1"giant mole"-like rev.

    They might have different consequences, so some of them you might choose to take on if you bring the right gear but others you'd want to immediately run from if you had the wrong gear and saw to attempt to buy OSRS gold take them all on. Think similarly to some of the dg bosses, where they can 100% pray protect from different styles, or they could do constant poision damage such as greg and if you do not have venomblood or antipoision you would basically get instakilled in the poision in case you didn't run.They could absolutely be frightful, but still beatable when you have the right gear, for almost any amount, if they had been reworked properly.

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    Thanks for sharing this with us