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    Dragon City is a Facebook, iOS, and Android game produced by Social Point.

    The iOS and Android versions often differ from the Facebook version of the game, so players which have access to all 3 platforms have an advantage. Facebook players without a compatible mobile device can use BlueStacks, an Android emulator, to play the Android version on PC or Mac.

    Check out Dragon City Guide for it's breeding calculator, egg lists, dragon info, quest walkthroughs, which dragons to use to fight against any other dragon, and just about anything else you could want to know about Dragon City!

    Breeding System

    The breeding system is at the heart of Dragon City. Breeding occurs when you place 2 dragons in the Breeding Mountain, Ultra Breeding Tree, Deus Breeding Nest, or Breeding Sanctuary. The results of the breeding are determined the moment you start, but you won't know which dragon egg will result until it is moved to the hatchery. You can however figure out which dragon(s) it is likely to be by the time of the breeding. Each dragon has it's own breeding time, but many dragons share the same exact time so it won't always be possible to tell which one is being bred.


    You start out the game with just a Terra and Flame dragon. These are single element dragons (Elementals) which are for the most part bought as eggs and then hatched. As you gain levels, more Elementals will be available to use. Most of the elemental dragons are named just like their element. The only exception is Archangel, which is the Light Elemental.
    • Terra - Terra Dragon
    • Flame - Flame Dragon
    • Sea - Sea Dragon
    • Nature - Nature Dragon
    • Electric - Electric Dragon
    • Metal - Metal Dragon
    • Ice - Ice Dragon
    • Dark - Dark Dragon
    • Light - Archangel Dragon
    • Pure - Pure Dragon
    • War - War Dragon


    Once you have 2 Elementals, you can breed them together to form Hybrids. Hybrids have 2 elements that are not opposed to each other, and are breedable. (Not all 2 element dragons are breedable though, and some cannot be bred by Elemental parents. This latter group are called Rare Hybrids.)

    When breeding, at least one element has to come from each parent (there are rare exceptions). So Hybrids will be comprised of one element from one parent, and one element from another parent. The order of the elements is not affected by order of the parents. Breeding Flame + Terra and Terra + Flame are equivalent to each other.

    Rare Hybrids

    Hybrids can be bred together to form Rare Hybrids. These are breedable 2 element dragons where the elements are opposite each other. Pure and Legend elements have no opposites.
    • Terra opposite Metal - Armadillo Dragon (Terra/Metal)
    • Flame opposite Ice - Soccer Dragon (Ice/Flame), Cool Fire Dragon (Flame/Ice)
    • Nature opposite Electric - Gummy Dragon (Nature/Electric)
    • Sea opposite War - Leviathan Dragon (War/Sea)
    • Dark opposite Light - Fallen Angel Dragon (Light/Dark)

    While there are other 2 and 3 element dragons which contain opposite elements, they are not breedable at this time and so are not Rare Hybrids.

    Level Exclusives

    Level Exclusive dragons are those that require both the parents to be a specific level. They can have 2 or 3 elements. Originally these were Exclusive dragons that could only be purchased with Gems, but they were added to the breeding system eventually.

    Level Exclusives will show up in the build menu with their level requirement listed. The only case where these dragons can be bred without both parents meeting that level requirement is when one or both of the parents has the Legend element.


    Legends are dragons that have the special Legend element. All but one of the Legends are breedable, but at very low odds. To breed a Legend, you combine two dragons which each have the Pure element. You will have a roughly 1% chance to breed any of the Legends with such a combination.

    The Legendary dragon is available through the Recruitment Tavern at this time, and so is by far the easiest Legend to get. Robin Hood dragon is the only Legendary dragon that isn't breedable. The other Legends are Wind, Crystal, Mirror, Nirobi, and Droconos. Breeding these 5 dragons can be very difficult, many players spend several months trying before completing the collection.

    Sanctuary Dragons

    The Breeding Sanctuary was added Feb 2014 and with it came a whole new suite of breedable dragons. These dragons are unlocked at different levels of the Breeding Sanctuary. They can only be bred in the Sanctuary at Sanctuary levels higher than they are unlocked. There were originally 5 Breeding Sanctuary levels, and it has been since increased to 8 levels.

    Be careful of level 1 and level 2 Sanctuary dragons though! If you upgrade the Sanctuary to level 7, level 1 dragons will no longer be possible to breed. At level 8 Sanctuary the level 2 dragons will no longer be possible to breed!
    • Sanctuary Level 1 - Deep Red, Burning, Wizard, Ninja
    • Sanctuary Level 2 - Steam, Quake, Wyvern
    • Sanctuary Level 3 - Apocalypse, Magnet, Dujur, Gargoyle
    • Sanctuary Level 4 - Promethium, Howl, Glacial, Blue
    • Sanctuary Level 5 - Abyss, Forge, Meteor,
    • Sanctuary Level 6 - Supersonic, Sylvan, Dark Elf,
    • Sanctuary Level 7 - Mirage, Core, Unity, Acoustic
    • Sanctuary Level 8 - Millenium, Master, Basilisk, Greenfluid

    Breeding Tips

    - Check out the Breeding Calculator at for the breeding times and odds for any dragon.

    - If you get any Double Element dragons, they are especially good for breeding Rare Hybrids!

    - Breeding on iOS and Android is generally easier than on Facebook, since the UI is much better designed. So do your breeding on Mobile if you can to take advantage of the element sorting and re-breeding functionality.
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