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Selling games development services - quick tax question?

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  • Selling games development services - quick tax question?


    (Mods - I'm not selling development, nor will I say where to find it.)

    I have a full time job in software development, and in my spare time I do more software development, mainly for games though (mainly mods, but occasionally something cool like a small game or something). I was wondering about my liability for tax? I'm in the UK if it helps. As I do it as a hobby and don't make any serious money from it, will it count as normal income or something else? I ask that remembering about a hobby allowance amount that lets you make another however much money untaxed as a hobby. According to this tax calculator any more income I make will go over the higher bracket and be taxed at 40% apparently. I was hoping someone here could help me out?

    Thanks a lot!