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Links to important mods & scenarios (2nd edition)

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  • Locutus

    27 Civs on 400x400 Earth Map - by bartdanr
    Thread - (no website) - Last update: 2 September 2002

    A nice map of the world (400x400) with 27 civs on it, using the Apolyton Pack as basis. On slow systems this will be slow but it seems to run quite smoothly on a 2GHz PC Thanks to the strong Apolyton Pack AI, this will is a game will provide the player with an interesting challange.

    The Ultimate ULTIMA Scenario (Medieval Era) - by rksl1 (General Maximus)
    Thread - (no website) - Last update: 17 August 2002

    Play as Lord British with the help of the powerful Avatar unit to bring the entire Britannia back under his rule. Lord British had lost hold of his kingdom with the breakaway of the other seven city states. Each of these cities are now ruled by independent warlords, once companion of Avatar himself. Choose "Bards" for race class selection to play from the city of Britain, stronghold of the king...... So build up your armies and devise a strategy to reconquer the lands to unite Britannia.

    World Map Scenarios - by ískallin
    Thread - (no website) - Last update: 16 July 2002

    A whole series of World Map Scenarios for various mods and in various sizes. They're all based on OmniGod's 400x400 Earth Map.

    Peleponnesian War Scenario - by ASIER
    Thread - (no website) - Last update: 5 May 2002

    This is a Peleponnesian War Scenario for Call to Power 2. It recreates the situation in Ancient Greece at the time of the Peleponnesian War (431-404 BC). You can play as either the Spartan Confederation or the Delian League and your goal is to establish dominance over the entire Greek world.

    Improved Seven Year War Scenario - by FRITZ
    Thread - Website - Last update: 15 April 2002

    Frederick the Great had more than two faces. He was one of the most interesting persons in the German history. The Seven Year War scenario is a scenario that puts you in the position of Frederick the Great in the time of the Seven Year War (1756-1763). Your opponents are Austria, Russia, France, Sweden, Sachsen and Reich forces.

    Europe - by carlosgrima
    Thread - (no website) - Last Update: 09 April 2002

    This scenario plays on a Europe map with and gives you the choice of playing one of eight nations: the French, English, Romans, Greeks, Germans, Russians, Vikings (here called Escandinavians) and (of course) the Spanish. All these civs start out with 10 or so cities, ranging in size from 10 to 30, and cover the entire map, together with lots and lots of goody huts. Although the cities are placed in historically accurate locations, the map doesn`t represent any specific time period.

    Habsburg Scenario - by tigger
    Thread - (no website) - Last update: 28 Februari 2002

    This is set in 1519 with player 1 as the Habsburgs desperately trying to hang on (and expand) their empire in the face of hatred from the French and the Ottomans. Martin Luther’s proclamations mean that the cities in the German states are on the verge of rebellion. Please let me know what you think of it It uses a gigantic europe map and has 8 civs. Please use whichever diplomacy model you like best.

    The Defense of France Reconsidered - by Peter Triggs
    Thread - (no website) - Last update: 4 October 2001

    The original version of the Activision WW2 scenario appeared on the Apolyton site on Dec 23, 2000 and it's clear that it was rushed out as a Christmas present for us. There's a couple of unimplemented units (British and German paratroopers) and some very strange settings in Strategies.txt. Peter Triggs decided to improve it. He added some of the good modifications to the text files that we've learnt about in the ensuing months and added a lot of SLIC code to improve AI behaviour.

    Upcoming scenarios

    War of the Ring Scenario - Thread - by hexagonian

    From the mouth of the creator: "A War of the Ring Scenario, based on Tolkien's Middle Earth. [...] It would be similar to the Alexander scenario - probably not as complex though, as I want greater control over what the AI can accomplish. It will also be a war scenario - no tossing the Ring into Mt. Doom...and it will not be a Mod. The map will be premade - and units and cities will be in place already."

    Space Scenario - Thread - by Pedrunn

    "Hundred of millions of years ago the first civilizations explored and colonized all of our universe. In that time their universe. They are called the First Ones. For a unknow reason they lost the interest in this universe. They migrate to other universes. A mysterious seek. While they were gone, the life begun to flourish in different planets. Soon there were Intelligent life. They reached the stars. Four major civs with each their own strengths (Humans, Kri'Threen, Borg, Empaths) slaved, vanished or controlled the minor ones. They have lived in relative peace for hundreds of years. Until now. The First Ones are back. They claim for what was theirs. They want the universe back. Maybe for to preserve resources or only for fun, they have given an opportunity to one of those civs to join them.
    If this race exterminate all the other three. All races know they cant destroy the First Ones ship. An alliance on any diplomatic approach means death to all. So the war has begun."

    The most exciting feature about this scenario is that ALL graphics will be changed: there will be space terrain, space units, space trade goods, space tile improvements, etc...

    Eighty Year War Scenario - Thread - by tigger

    Scenario about the Dutch Eighty Year War for independence: "In 1556, the Philip II became king of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor, ruling over much of Europe, including the Netherlands. The Calvinist Dutch in the northern provinces especially disliked the new Spanish Catholic king. They feared the Inquisition would be brought to the Netherlands and that the personal, economic and religious freedom that they had enjoyed in the centuries before Philip II's crowning would be lost, so they revolted. In 1567 Spain sent an army to Brussels to crush the rebellion and thus started the bloody Eighty Years War. On April 1, 1572 the Dutch struck back: with a clever deception a navel force took the city of Den Briel, an event still celebrated as April Fool's Day in the Netherlands. The revolt quickly spread throughout the north. In 1572 the provinces of Holland and Zeeland acknowledged Willem van Oranje as their Stadtholder and a government was established in Delft." A key feature in this scenario will be the many events from the period.

    CAESAR Scenario - Thread - by tigger

    Scenario of Roman in the age of Caesar. It will play from January 56BC to August 14AD. It will simulate the political, economic, scientific and military upheaval during the fall of the republic; allow for a game full of diplomatic intrigue, alliances, betrayals, aggressors, defenders; and allow the player to have a full-length game based on classical warfare using ground and sea forces common to the period. It will have a unit and tech tree based on the period and many events.

    Europe at War - Thread - by DDowell

    A WWII Scenario covering the European theatre, including North Africa. It will run from September 1st 1939-December 31st 1945 and will feature two major players (as well as several smaller ones): Axis and Allies. Elaborate advance and unit trees for the era as well as many events will be included.
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  • Locutus
    started a topic Links to important mods & scenarios (2nd edition)

    Links to important mods & scenarios (2nd edition)

    Links to important mods & scenarios - 2nd edition
    (First edition here (I ran out of space))

    This thread is intended to provide you a quick way to access all the important threads for mods/scenarios/etc. These threads are intented to keep track of updates, report bugs, give feedback, request information/help, etc; in short, any discussion that is specific to these mods. Originally, some of these threads were 'topped' but by now there are too many of important mods out there to top them all. So this thread was created instead, to provide quick access to all of them.

    Note that this is not the same as the file directory: most of these mods and scenarios are still under development and the files that can be downloaded might be alphas or betas which are full of bugs, contrary to the files in the file directory, which (ideally) are more or less bug-free. Also, this only covers major mods and scenarios (that were created fairly recently), the file directory covers all other sorts of files as well (maps, modification, tools, etc). This thread is merely a tool to make forum navigation easier.

    Feedback on all of this is welcome. If anyone thinks something should be added/changed/removed, I would love to hear it.

    (Threads sorted in categories 'mods', 'scenarios' and 'other'; ordered by date of last update)


    GoodMod v0.99 - by Martin Gühmann
    Thread - Website - Last update: 31 July 2002

    The GoodMod is a mod which, contrary to what the name suggests, improves a lot more than just the trade goods. Although changes to trade goods are an important part of GoodMod, mayor improvements are also made to particularly the AI, but also to diplomacy, terrain, tile improvements, pollution, sounds, interface and other aspects of the game.

    Cradle of Civilizations v1.32 - by hexagonian
    Thread - Website - Last update: 22 May 2002

    The Cradle of Civilization mod by hexagonian has over time become one of the most important mods for CtP2. Its most important features include (from the main readme): a stretched out ancient age, about 57 new techs, 6 new governments, 17 new wonders, 30 new units, 11 so-called `Wonder Units`, 17 new city improvements and lots and lots of text file tweaks and SLIC code. But most important of all is that it has an excellent AI and is very challenging to play. In short: a must-have for every CtP2 player!

    Apolyton Pack v2.0 - by Dale
    Thread - Website - Last update: 10 May 2002

    Play CtP2 the way it was meant to be!
    This pack is only intended for the original CTP2 game. It fixes and enhances many things with the original setup to make the game more enjoyable. Major changes include better maps, better and more aggressive AI, harder difficulty levels, ultra-gigantic maps. Together with Cradle and MedMod this is one of the most important mods for CtP2. The latest update makes huge improvements to the AI.

    Medieval Pack v2.2 - by WesW
    Thread - Website - Last update: 6 May 2002

    The Medieval Pack II combines the Medieval mod with customized versions of Harlan's Graphics mod, Martin's Citymod2 and Dale's Diplomod, plus SLIC triggers from Locutus, Dale, Gedrin and others. It adds many new units, both player-created and from Ctp 1, 60 new advances, 5 new improvements and 3 new governments, as well as new concepts and many enhancements to game playability. This is one of the most important mods ever created for CtP2, it's a complete overhaul of the game.

    World at War! v1.04 - by Dale
    Thread - Website - Last update: 29 April 2002

    Mod that offers a very fast-paced game from the first to the last turn, plays in the first half of the 20th century (1900-1950 CE), the time of the World Wars. It includes a completely new tech tree, 50+ units, 16 buildings and 6 wonders, all based on the period. It also makes changes to the AI, the starting situation and adds historical events.

    Beginning with the acquired knowledge of mankind to 1900, and a handful of rag-tag military and civilian units at your command, you must guide your nation through the diplomatic, scientific and military web that is the World At War era!

    Will you be the spider or the fly?

    MyMod v0.99 - by player1
    Thread - (no website) - Last update: 17 November 2001

    This is a mod similar to the Apolyton Pack: it largely leaves the original game as it was: it adds only 1 new unit and advance (Chariot and The Wheel), changes some tile & city improvements and some other minor things, but it's by no means a complete overhaul of the game. However, it does greatly improve the AI and diplomacy part of the game and rebalances a lot of things.

    Fixmod v1.05 - by kaan
    Thread - Website - Last update: 25 March 2001

    This mod is not a real mod but more like a patch that Activision should have made, it corrects some errors that are possible to correct without changing the source code of the .exe itself. Bugs that were fixed in this mod include: the AI rarely clean up pollution even if it is ecotopian, sea city sprites bug, mayors (and the AI) dont use entertainers to cure unhappines, AI doesn't build enough special units, AI has too short timeslices, no warning when somone begins building Aristotles Lyceum, tank can enter cargo helicopter, citynames for the Vikings incorrect, Hotseat and PBEM buttons were disabled.

    Upcoming mods

    Ages of Man! - Thread - by Dale

    This mod is to be a complete rewrite of the general CTP2 settings. It will use the original CTP2 settings as its base and represent history from 8000 BC to 2000 (10000 years). Radical new concepts will be introduced, such as colonization rather than settling, religion, new military maintenance system and unit templates, more city sprites, government policies, specialized cities, etc. And of course, major improvements to the AI can also be expected.

    History of the World - Thread - by Locutus

    The goal of this mod is to take all existing mod material, select as many of the best features as possible and put them together with some new material to create a new mod that will offer as many new and improved features (compared to unmodded CtP2) as possible, be fun and challenging to play, and be an as accurate and diverse representation as possible of all of human history (as opposed to just popular (ancient) Western history). The basis for this mod will be Wes Whitaker's Medieval Mod and the main (other) source to take material from will be Hexagonian's Cradle of Civilizations. It should combine the innovative attitude and challenging gameplay of the Cradle mod with incredible refinement and the grand historic atmosphere of the MedMod, hopefully eventually even exceding both originals.

    Absolute State Mod - (no thread) - by Pedrunn

    Pedrunn has been bragging for months about his Absolute State Mod but so far has shown nothing tangible. Come on, Pedrunn, give us some info!
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