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    its come to my attention that this scenario that comes with the game is infact fictional it does not have a real world based map and all the names of things are fiction like why would they have a villiage named seven in the japanese language? this totally ruins it for me. but luckily i have a idea i could use my already made japan- korea scenario but the only problem is this scenario comes with 3 players samurai's , jappanese and the enemy. enemys are everything the samurai wont to fight usally bandits or renegade samurai. but as it turns out theres a blue swirling portal on the map somewhere and strange aliens come out called reswobs and they are a unit type that replaces the war walkers. these are like the spider creatures from the lost in space movie. only there piloted by aliens i guess but when i went to the civilpedia it would not talk about any of the unit types plus for historical knowledge there was only 1 actual samurai civil war in the time period that is playable and its for yamuguchi prefecture which is at the southern tip of honshu island in this map the decendents of the great mori make there final stond in the year 1866. or 1867 im not sure. i consider it a problem that only 3 factions are posible for this very interesting scenario. i was trying to make it 6 or 7. but oh well. i did actually finnally finish both korea and japan only russia and china not finished on this map. but keep wondering if theres still people out there that know how to custom create new historical scenarios based on pre exsiting modpacks. id love to see the russians or chinese become allied to samurai or something and the civilization called enemy could just be the ainu civilization on its road to becomeing republic of EZO. but it was a really depressing thing for me to find out that magnificent samurai was fictional. all this time i had never even used cheat mode to look at the map to see where in japan this was.

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    Dude.......... paragraphs.

    Anyway.... I actually enjoyed the Samurai scenario.
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      2 months ago i finnally figured out how to mod this scenario. all you need to do is remove the nok file. after your done making changes you put the nok file back in and play with changes. i gave the most units a walking bonus and i let your samurai charter begin the game with a few NPC mooks like a few Muskateers and archers.