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    Under the motto better late than never, I thought you guys might find it of interest that gaming journalist Troy Goodfellow recently discussed Call to Power as part of an episode of his strategy gaming podcast Three Moves Ahead. The episode is about a month old at this point (I would've posted this earlier but Civ5 has been eating all my time) and is titled Forgettable Games, Memorable Ideas, which gives you some idea of how Troy feels about the game (he makes IMO a mostly fair judgement of the vanilla game -- of course I don't think he ever tried any mods). IMO it was an interesting listen to hear an outsider's perspective, from someone with a big reputation as probably the best strategy gaming journalist out there. The CtP talk starts about 26 minutes in and lasts about 7 minutes.

    Also, I disccused CtP2 modding as part of a recent blog entry myself, which some of you might find an interesting read.
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