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Multiplayer saved game loads players as wrong civilisation

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  • Multiplayer saved game loads players as wrong civilisation

    When loading a saved multiplayer game we are having a problem where the civs played by player 2 and player 3 are wrongly assigned and you take over your oppenents civ! The hosts civ is the only correct one.

    Does anyone have any experience of this?

    How does the saved game know which player/ PC was which civ in the game?

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    Multiplayer saved game loads players as wrong civilisation. It is may or may not be a well performed review experience. We have to make it professional. This experience is good because with the help of this you can easily manage when you start to save and load your game.


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      It's possible that the saved game file may have become corrupted or the game may be experiencing a bug that is causing the incorrect assignment of civs to players.

      Regarding your question of how the saved game knows which player/PC was which civ, the game should have saved the information about which player was controlling which civilization during the game. This information is usually stored in the save file as part of the game's state information.

      If the save file has become corrupted or the game is experiencing a bug, it may be causing the game to assign the wrong civilizations to players when loading the saved game. You may want to try loading an earlier save file to see if the issue persists or contact the game's technical support team for further assistance.