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  • Martin Gühmann
    The first question and answers

    Q1: How can I play with more then 8 civilisations?
    A1: Just open your userprofile.txt in your ..\ctp_program\ctp\ directory. At the top of that file you find something like this: NumPlayers=9. Just change the number there to a number of your choice, and you can start a game with that number of players.

    Note that you shouldn't change the number of opponents within the game from the game setup screen. CTP1 will crash if you try this. As far as I know it is not possible to play an Email game with more then the standart 8 players by this way.

    The maximum number of players possible in CTP1 is 32.

    Q2: What is the difference between players and civs?
    A2: Players are all civs + the Barbarians. Therefore if you set (#1) NumPlayers=29 you will play against 27 opponents. (Barbarians + Yourself + 27 Opponents)

    Q3: How can I place Tile Improvements (Terrain Improvements) like roads, farms, mines...?
    A3: Just click on the hammer and you are in the TI menue. Land, Sea, Space and Terra are the available categories of TI. In order to place a TI you need enough PW and of course the enabling advance of the TI you whish to place. And finally the TI must be placed near or within the radius of one of your cities or in neighnourhood of one of your TI.

    Q4: What is Public Works?
    A4: PW are a certain amount of the total production of your Civ. How much PW you get depents on your empire/production size and of course on your PW tax setting. Settings between 0% and 100% are possible.

    Q5: Why I need PW?
    A5: You need PW to improve the surrounding of your cities, as every TI costs a certain amount of PW. Of course the prize and contruction time depents on the type and how modern a TI is.

    Q6: Why is the PW system so much better than this settler/worker system of Civ1/2/3.
    A6: The PW system is superior as it doesn't depents on units, espechially in games with huge empires it is a pain if you want to develope your empire well and you have to do it with 200 settlers, that slows down the game a lot as you have to move these units, give them orders to build this and that...

    Q7: I downloaded a mod/scenario. Unfortunatly I have a non English version of CTP1. If I try to run the mod/scenario from, I get a bunch of error messages.
    A7: As you have a non English version of CTP1, CTP1 can't find the language specific strings. In order to fix this just go into your main CTP1 directory for example my main CTP1 directory is called C:\Activision\CivCTP\, if I remember correctly the default installation directory is C:\Program Files\Activision\Civilisation-Call To Power\ (what a long name). There you find a subdirectory called \scenarios\ now find the subdirectory of your mod. For example the subdirectory of the ApolytonPack is called \Apolyton\. Every mod/scenario/map has its own subdirectory. Now find all the subfolders of the mod/scenario/map directory that is called \english\. Replace the name of all the \english\ directories by the name of your language directory. For example if you have a German version then you have to rename all the \english\ folders to \german\. If you have a French it is \french\ and so on. You can find the name of your language folder by taking a look into your ..\ctp_data\ folder.

    Q8: Usually my CTP1/2 maps don't have icy terrain on the north and the south can this be fixed?
    A8: Yes, but actual I am not content with the result you have will have climate zones with hard borders, but of corse you can try this and if you like the result you can keep it.

    Open the userprofile.txt in your ..\ctp_program\ctp\ folder and find these lines:

    Replace the last MapPlugin so that it looks like this:


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  • Martin Gühmann
    started a topic CtP1 FAQ

    CtP1 FAQ

    Well I felt it is also time for a CTP1 FAQ. CTP2, SMAC and Civ3 have one, so why not CTP1 ...

    ATTENTION: please read the rules in this post before posting here. Particularly rule #3 is violated too often (probably because this rule was apparently dropped in the Civ3 forum).

    Rules of posting on this thread (mostly ripped from Locutus' CTP2 FAQ):
    1) You must post a common question.
    2) The subject could be anything CTP1 related
    3) You must also post the answer to it. If you have a question that is not in this FAQ and you're looking for an answer, please post a new thread in which you ask the question, don't post your question here (if you do, it will be deleted, and (only) if you're lucky someone will repost it in a new thread for you and answer it there).
    4) Each question must be numbered and unless you post an addition to an existing point (add the number of the point you're referring to if this is the case), you must post with a new number. So if #25 is the last question, you must number your point #26 (this makes for easy referring when someone asks the question outside this thread).
    5) Corrections on the answers should not be made, only additions (e.g. dont try to correct other people, just add your perspective). (The best way to deal with incomplete/incorrect information is to email/PM the person who posted the question and discuss it privately - the person in question can edit his answer if needed).
    6) Let's try and keep the answers fairly short, if it's a very 'big' subject with many different aspects or opinions, find/post a seperate thread about it and link to it from here.
    7) This thread is for answering common questions, not for discussion! Irrelevant posts will be deleted without warning.

    Since we're trying to help people locate the info they need fast (while relieving the regulars of having to answer the same questions over and over again), it's important that this thread remains relatively short (not *too* short of course, then it won't contain the info people need), otherwise it would take too much time to locate the info and people will start their own threads anyway. So rules #1 and #6 are particularly important.

    A table of content will here added as soon as the FAQ grows.
    Last edited by Martin Gühmann; May 7, 2008, 16:58.